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The Period between Glacials!

If anyone recalls the old wooden signs across the USA during many years past, They will remember they all led to the last sign which proclaimed ‘BURMA-SHAVE’. This latest blog is one of those signs.

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The reason I use this term ‘Interglacial’ is described below. Be extremely cautious of  WIKI’s interpretations of any subject covered. Use other websites, not the Top or first presented. Google is deeply involved in this now ‘Contrversial subject. they have a stake in the outcome. ‘Google Bombs’ present the Biased sites first. The ‘Gatekeepers’ are picked along various biases. Climate being of extreme volatility, both from scientific and Political viewpoints. The factor of Money, Investments, and the absolute worst reasons, World Power and Control. All have entered this once benign realm of ‘Changing Weather’, Climate.

reflects on this ‘Anti’ Global Warming aspect that is so rare in the history of Earth, as to become noteworthy. There have been only about four  to five, theoretically seven  (‘Huronian’, the first, debateable)  Ice Ages, with the possibility of the ‘Cryogenic’ period (see last link near bottom) having two back to back events. You have got to love this period, it further prepared the Earth for Life.

‘Ice ages with Polar Ice sheets’, as well as the ‘Interglacials’ that accompany them,  are extremely rare in the history of Earth.

Of course the far Northern, as well as the far Southern, Oceans were totally frozen over for even the lessor of the durations, as well.

Historically they start and end quite rapidly.  The maximum extent of glacial ice in the north polar area during Pleistocene time. Thats a good thing!

The maximum extent of glacial ice in the north polar area during the ‘Pleistocene Epoch’. (picture above) Notice Canada, the Northern Province was under approximately 2 miles of ice. British Columbia was totally submerged in permanent Ice as well. No ‘Empress Hotel’ High Tea in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Chicago was totally buried in Ice, also thousands of feet thick. I knew that place was cold in winter but that was ridiculous. New York was no ‘Walk in the Park’ either. As a matter of fact, Central Park rocks still show the scratches from the last glacier. The far Eastern Seaboard was an Ice Shelf. The Cod would have loved it. To say nothing of the Polar Bears. Come to think of it maybe most Bears were somewhat ‘Polar’ during that time in the Northern Hemisphere. Approximately 30% of the Earths surface was covered in Ice. Greenland and Canada along with the Northern and Midwest USA were a frozen Ice Sheet. (The Laurentide Ice Sheet) The end of the Pleistocene began the beginning of the Holocene 11,550 years ago and the beginning of our comfortable new home during an ‘Interglacial’. Welcome to our Holocene and Global Warming. Isn’t it nice in comparison to the ‘Pleistocene’ conditions we just came out of?

Of course we are still coming out of the last ‘Ice Age’ at this time in History. Theory has been advanced, that we are in the last stages of a 28 thousand year Ice Age. The Great Lakes of North America were ‘Plowed out’ by that last one as recently as ten thousand years ago.  The ‘Laurentide Ice Sheet’ that covered most of North America was during one of those rare chilly times in Earths History. The Rocky Mountains had numerous glaciers. I loved this one, the skiing was absolutely fabulous. ‘Snorkle deep’ powder, to die for.

This stage of ‘our’ current Interglacial,  means it is getting warmer of course. Remember we are still in ‘The Holocene’ Period and the glaciers are melting again, quite rapidly, just as they have done all through Earth’s History. History also has shown that sometimes they reverse quite quickly as well. A phenomenon of start, stop, reverse then reverse again and continue back in the other direction. the complete cycles are theoretically associated with Earth’s 28,000 year ‘Precession’, similar to a gyroscope’s rhythmic wobble.

“The question should not be ‘what is making the Earth warm’, but ‘what in this solar system, makes it so so darned cold periodically’?”

Henrik Svensmark has The most plausible theory. Our Solar Systems varying positions in our Galaxy. His dedicated team of credible Physicists, have submitted a number of ‘papers’ on the subject.

I loved the movie series,  ‘Ice Age’. The peak of  the last Ice age (10,000 years ago) by common scientific theory, has not truly ended. The size of the Woolly Mammoths was a true wonder. The Texas state Fairground has a Bronze statue of one. fantastic circular Tusks are joust one notable feature.

True our Polar Ice caps, which are extremely rare in Earths history are still intact and shrinking. They do that during an ‘Interglacial’  following a ‘Glacial’ period, as the Earth heats of course. Included in these studies are the numerous varying cycles of warming and cooling documented by observable, highly debated, peer reviewed science. Which is the way it has been ..up until NOW.. As you read this document realize that the ‘politically motivated’ IPCC has the first paragraph to themselves, compliments of William Connolly, a devout AGW theorist and close fried of WIKI’s founder. For this reason be extremely wary of WIKI content, it is Not based on scientific debate. Also further down in this article is, highly disputed Ruddimans ‘Anthropogenic Theory’,  basically just humans with syphilis and what all related. Oh sure Mr Ruddiman, humans cause problems but I think you are stretching it there, seeing as the world population was minuscule in comparison to today. The rest of the article just tells the story with scientific observations and records over thousands of years and that’s the way it should be told. It got extremely cold, extremely fast. We would not have liked it at all.

Did you know that New York Harbor froze solid in 1780? That was around the late middle of the last 400 year cooling cycle. What in the solar system caused that? About the  years  The US Continental Army under General George Washington, had a very rough winter in a place called Valley Forge. It has been getting generally warmer ever since. That Administration must have been really hated….by the British for sure.

This  next linked one is really drastic and I don’t think that even the ‘Hot Air Politicians’ could melt it.

Follow the links for the ‘Rest of the Story’. That is if you do not mind ‘The Facts’  confusing the Politically Driven Media Catastrophism, issue.

Study Climatology, Geology, Meteorology, Engineering and the other Hard sciences and improve the worlds knowledge, in the meantime, watch the entire 5 part series.